daisy1988  (姓名: 子雨)

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  • 04-23 14:42 我们的大脑会被黑吗?

    We all feel in control of our actions and thoughts. It's what defines us. B
  • 04-23 14:41 手把手教你盗梦?

    Dream provide a world in which we escape from reality into the mind and see
  • 04-23 14:41 指尖平衡铅笔最佳方法

    Balancing a pencil or any other top-heavy object on its tip is quite a precarious task. It's easy to see why top-heavy objects are unstable. They ju
  • 04-11 14:57 Neighbor Relations

    Neighbor Relations 左领右舍 Dialogue 1 对话一 Hi, I'm Lucas, I just moved in next door. 你好,我是卢卡斯,我刚搬到隔壁。 Oh, hi Lucas, come on in. I
  • 04-11 14:56 天气太差?并非天灾?

    Is the weather getting weirder? Your answer probably depends on the weirdness of 

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